2017 will mark the Sphinx Organization’s 20th anniversary! As we prepare for this exciting milestone, we are humbled to reflect on the thousands of Sphinx artists and alumni, as well as millions of audience members, who have been reached by our programs.

Over 20 years of programming, the breadth of Sphinx’s impact has become truly great – but the lives transformed are not just numbers or statistics. They are individuals – musicians, artistic partners, students, supporters, families, friends, and community members – with unique stories to tell. We want to share as many of those stories as possible during the countdown to Sphinx’s 20th, and beyond!

I am just in awe of what Sphinx has accomplished, but even more excited about its future.

Yo-Yo Ma

Cellist, virtuoso, and orchestral composer

I like playing the violin because it is fun and I get to play and learn on an instrument that I actually like.


Overture Student

Sphinx provides a vital link that connects emerging musicians with new audiences and brings first-rate classical music to traditionally underserved populations. This critical and strategic investment will pay dividends by supporting future talent and fostering a sense of appreciation for classical music.

Mark Wallace

Sphinx Donor

My experience at the Sphinx Competition encouraged me to work that much harder at the art form that I had fallen in love with and dedicated my life to...Now, as a professional musician, I can look on the Sphinx Organization and see the profound impact that it is having in the world.

Joseph Conyers

Double Bass, Philadelphia Orchestra; Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Symphony, MPower Grant Recipient

I don’t think a day has gone by that the Sphinx family hasn’t played some kind of role in my life…This fine organization is truly a game-changer.

Danielle Belen

Associate Professor, University of Michigan/Faculty, Colburn School

Had Sphinx been around when I was younger, I would have been able to access serious instruction sooner. I think Sphinx serves a vital purpose, opening doors of opportunity doors wider that before were only opened the tiniest crack.

Anthony Elliott

Professor of Cello, University of Michigan/Faculty

Sphinx has had a huge impact on my life. Now the Sphinx MPower Grant will allow me to acquire a fine bass, and put me closer to reaching my ultimate goal, a permanent orchestra position. Sphinx has created a network of support for minority classic musicians that didn’t exist before, and it gives everyone a deeper connection to the music that we all love.

Eric Thompson

Double bass, Sphinx Competition alum, MPower Artist Grant Recipient

I have grown because of Sphinx and will continue to grow propelled by the tremendous support of the Sphinx community. Where I will go is undetermined, but I know I will go far. Sphinx has ensured it.

Gabrielle Hooper

Sphinx Performance Academy alum

I have a great affinity for Sphinx, and their commitment to diversity in classical music. At its core, our missions are aligned, whether it be advocating for people where access to music is a challenge, to finding innovative, artistic solutions to very ingrained societal issues in this country.

Adrian Anatawan

Violin, speaker at SphinxCon 2014

Sphinx has been one of the best gifts of my musical life. It has not only given me hope for the future of music for younger generations, but it has inspired and re-affirmed my own life’s work, and continues to validate my choice to be a part of this great profession. Rosalyn Story

Violin,Fort Worth Symphony; Sphinx Symphony Orchestra and MPower Artist Grant Recipient

Sphinx plays a vital role in the field of music: its ongoing commitment to the central issue of diversity is providing unprecedented opportunities for a broad range of young people.

Clive Gillinson

Executive and Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall

Sphinx promotes just what I’m looking for. It sets the ground for building new relationships, fosters growth and looks forward to change. Our art is in good hands.

Francisco Vila

Soloist and cellist of Macondo Chamber Players; Sphinx Competition alum and Sphinx Virtuosi member

Besides the joy of sharing music and touching people, my favorite part of being in the Sphinx community is getting to meet some of the greatest musicians in the world, make new friends, all while bringing diversity and color to the concert stage.

Ade Williams

Sphinx Competition First Place Junior Laureate, Sphinx Virtuosi

I think the Sphinx Organization is having a huge impact on the world of music, and their concept of diversity is changing the world. I think the more diverse, the better, because you have different ways of seeing the world, different perspectives to bring to the table that only makes for more success, more excellence.

Anthony McGill

Clarinet, Sphinx Medals of Excellence Awardee


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