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FRIDAY 2/2/18
10:05 – 10:55am


Have you ever wanted to be able to use the energy and knowledge of the audience at a conference to help you meet your challenges, and have a more actively involved audience when you speak? Want to energize your audience to help build the future right inside your event, and maybe have a bit of fun along the way?

…If so, then the first ever SphinxConnect Diversity Surgery could be just the ticket for you…

So what is it SphinxConnect Diversity Surgery?

Diversity Surgery works like any surgery – you bring a problem to the surgery – in this case a challenge that you have associated with bringing greater diversity to your project or organization – and the challenge is analyzed with your audience, an action is agreed on, and then, after SphinxConnect, you carry out the action, improving the ‘patient’. Think of it as a free consultancy using the astounding expertise that can be found in every SphinxConnect audience.  It’s fun, and it’s effective. And it empowers an audience because it’s a process that uses the audiences’ active involvement, rather than ‘the sitting and listening’ routine for audiences that make up most conference sessions.

And how does it work?

We invite SphinxConnect 2018 attendees who have a burning diversity challenge that they want to solve in their work to apply to be a ‘Diversity Surgery Patient’. Sphinx will choose the best proposed challenges, and the winners will have the opportunity to present their challenge to all SphinxConnect attendees who come to the session, and then work with a group of attendees to alight on solutions to the challenge, which will then be presented back to the whole session.

A diversity challenge can be practically any issue that is getting in the way of you or your organization bringing real diversity, equity, and equal opportunity into your organization’s work. Do you need to expand the pipeline further down with really young artists who are not yet in your project? Having trouble getting leverage with the people that count? How do you get the question of diversity onto your local media’s front page? How to get the executive to really mirror its diversity policy? How best to chase the funding in your city or area?

The questions are endless, and the opportunities are unlimited. So, if you want to make progress, get us to do the work with you in the first ever SphinxConnect Diversity Surgery.

OK, so What Next …

If you are interested in pitching your diversity challenge in the surgery session, then write us with your challenge! Send your challenge, in no more than 250 words, to SphinxConnect@SphinxMusic.org by January 12, 2018!


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